Preparation – Getting the right things ready so buyers will value your home’s features. The lack of preparing the right things is the biggest mistake home sellers make. Have you ever looked at homes for sale online and seen bad photos? In many cases, those homes are just like yours and had the potential to look great (and attract buyers), but they lacked two important factors in homes sales: Preparation.

So what are those two factors? Staging & Photography. Having your home staged and professionally photographed, so your home can be represented to best attract buyers is what sets the difference between a real estate brokerage that cares, and one that just wants to sell your home to the first person who comes along. It’s normal to spend 1% of the list price in order to ready your home for market.

Price – Price your home to avoid Limbo Land, a place where homes sit on the market indefinitely. Some people think they should price their home well above the market, in hopes people will make an offer, or negotiate down to the real price. Others think they should price the home just above the market, in hopes of fetching a few extra dollars.

Truth be told, pricing is used to attract buyers & offers, which then leads to negotiating the real price. So it’s important to price your home on the market so it generates lots of buyer interest… and ultimately as many offers as possible. When you receive multiple offers, you can negotiate higher prices. As a seller, multiple-offer situations give you leverage. And pricing your home right is a key ingredient to getting multiple offers.

Promotion – Marketing your home to get your home seen by credible buyers and generate sales interest. Have you heard this quote before? P.T. Barnum, of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!” And P.T.’s statement is 100% true in the world of home selling.

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In this day and age, you have to market your home aggressively online. This includes using popular home search sites, but also using social media platforms, and online marketing campaigns to promote your home to potential buyers. You should find an agent who is well-versed and competant in using all of these media.

– Chip Barkel, MCNE, SRES, Toronto Real Estate. Extraordinary Service. Top Results.