Myrtle is a lovely turtle. Not an ordinary turtle. She is purple and different from other turtles. After being bullied by another turtle, Myrtle tries to become someone else. In the end, Myrtle and her friends help children learn not to be afraid of being different. Myrtle the Purple Turtle is a thoroughly engaging story that stresses the importance of self-acceptance and friendship.

Cynthia Reyes penned the original story of Myrtle The Purple Turtle many years ago for her then-4-year-old daughter Lauren, who had a brown complexioned doll that she was attached to. When her fellow daycare students started making fun of her doll’s brown skin, she abandoned her doll at home in hopes of acceptance. Cynthia wrote of a purple turtle that was made fun of and bullied by a common green turtle. In the end both Myrtle and Lauren each learned to “love their own shell”.

Cynthia Reyes