Giorgio Taverniti, owner of Frank’s Pizza House on St. Clair Avenue West makes great pizza. Recently Joel Hansen approached him with a novel idea: Would Giorgio be interested in making Canada’s BIGGEST pizza? Why not? Giorgio measured his pizza oven, had a pizza pan custom made, and assembled a crew of helpers for the big day.

26 lbs. of homemade pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni later, The 416 Pizza, came out of the oven and was born. It was dubbed The 416 Pizza because it is 416 ounces or 26 lbs. (about 12 kg). The giant pizza took up the entire oven, wall to wall, measuring in at 33” x 43”.

That’s as long as a small child.

A good time was had by all from watching the assembly to eating the masterpiece.

You too can enjoy The 416 Pizza. Just call Frank’s Pizza House and book ahead to have your own edition of Canada’s Biggest Pizza. Dine in only, since it likely won’t fit in your car. Don’t worry; Frank’s Pizza House also makes smaller pizzas. I have tasted them all, and, they are all just as good.