Toronto has a raccoon problem. And we are heading into raccoon season. Babies are generally born from March to June and they have 3 to 5 pups each. We have a huge raccoon population cohabitating with us right here in the urban centre. While they are cute to watch, they can create real and expensive problems. Problems range from raccoons being aggressive, defecating on decks and porches, nocturnal raids on garbage cans (no, Toronto, our bins are NOT raccoon-proof), and raccoons or families living under porches, in sheds, or on roofs. They can even get into your attic, they can tear up roof shingles or tar paper, causing expensive damage, and they can get into chimneys and block carbon monoxide exhaust. If they live in your chimney and cause a blockage, this can have deadly consequences for you and your family. Raccoons digging up your lawn looking for grubs can be another, costly nuisance.

While raccoons are generally solitary, they can get quite aggressive when they feel cornered. They may huff, grunt, and charge at you, but it is an attempt to scare you off.

Getting rid of the raccoon is best left to the professionals. Raccoons should be trapped using humane traps (cage traps) with one-ways doors rather than leg-hold traps or other harmful devices. Once they are removed, entry points should be sealed so the animals don’t return. You want to GET THEM OUT and KEEP THEM OUT.

– Chip Barkel, MCNE, SRES, REDM, Toronto Real Estate. Extraordinary Service. Top Results.