share a Coke ChipThis summer, Coke is swapping out three of its iconic logos on 20-oz. bottles for the 250 most popular first names among American teens and Millennials. “Share a Coke”, which first launched in Australia in 2011 and has since rolled out in more than 50 countries, invites fans to find their names — and the names of family members, friends, coworkers and people they’d like to know better — on bottles of Coke, Diet Coke and Zero across the U.S.

“This is the first time in our long history that we’ve ever replaced the iconic “Coca-Cola” script on pack and who better to celebrate with than the people who love our brands the most – our consumers. It’s fantastic that we can really personalise the product for them,” said Caroline Cater, operational marketing director for Coca-Cola Enterprises.”

The creator of this font is Toronto’s own, Ian Brignell, of Ian Brignell Lettering Design. His client list and artistic flair includes many other products and services you may have used: Dove soap, Leffe and Hoegaarden beer, Smirnoff vodka, Harvard University, Chap Stick, Bell Canada, and Chip Barkel of eXp Realty.
chipbarkel word mark

Ian Brignell is a major influence in his line of work, which has few competitors, “design requires a subtle approach and has to create an emotional response”. He listens very carefully to his clients, large or small, and then uses his artistic abilities to capture or create their brand.

Ian Brignell

Ian Brignell

I feel fortunate to have benefitted from his artistic talents in my business, since he designed my wordmark, and be included in such an exclusive club.