photo of Bingo by Lisa Zador

Sometimes I talk to people who have dogs and who live in a detached house, but want to move to a condo. A common talking point is that their choice of condo is limited, because so many condos either won’t allow dogs at all or restrict dogs to say 25 lbs. Or, in an even more bizarre situation, a couple were about to finalize their condo purchase and found that the Status Certificate stipulated dogs were allowed if they were no taller than 20 inches to the top of their shoulders. This couples canine child was 22 inches tall. Yes, he was just two inches too tall. A 25.5 lb. dog won’t pass muster in a 25 lb. restricted  condo and, in the case of another client of mine, their dog weighed over 100 lbs. Nothing short of canine bariatric surgery would solve that problem.

There is hope – in the form of Condo Puppy.

Condo Puppy is a website-clearing house of condominiums that allows dogs and encourages their dog-friendly Realtors to post listings of condos that do allow dogs to live with their humans.

Working with Condo Puppy, I can help you navigate the rules and restrictions of dogs in condos. The search might take a little longer, but we will find you a condo to call home where you won’t have to sneak in the Milk Bone Dog Biscuits.

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– Chip Barkel, Toronto Real Estate. Extraordinary Service. Top Results.