moveDid you know that the time period from April to September is the busiest time of year to move? That’s not necessarily surprising considering that Ontario winters can most definitely restrict and complicate many aspects of moving from one home to another. If you are planning a move this year, chances are you’re in the thick of it right now! Are you prepared?

Moving is a task that most people don’t find enjoyable, but if you plan ahead and feel 100% prepared when moving day comes around, chances are it will feel a lot less stressful. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite moving, packing and organizing tips and tricks from around the web to help you on your way!

Moving day can be a stressful time. The key to keeping calm under pressure is being organized and prepared for the chaos that will likely ensue. Following are a few reminders for how to handle the big day with ease.

1. Be on hand when the movers arrive. If you can’t remain personally, authorize someone to take your place and give the mover his/her name. Give this person a list of duties and make sure they understand exactly what to do.

2. Keep children and pets on their daily routine as much as possible and out of the way of the movers and the moving van.

3. Identify the project manager within the group of movers and accompany them through the house as he or she inspects and tags each piece of furniture with an identifying number. These numbers, along with a description of your goods and their condition at the time of loading will appear on the inventory. NOW is the time to come to an agreement with them as to the condition of your furniture.

4. Make movers aware of which items are to be loaded in the van and point out prized or delicate articles.

5. Advise the movers of any items you wish to have as soon as you arrive at your new home – immediate necessities like a baby’s playpen and crib, for example.

6. Make a final tour of the premises with the van operator to be sure that all items have been loaded.

7. Before signing the combination bill of lading and freight bill, check the details. This document states the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved and in your receipt for your goods. Make certain that your Declared Valuation – in the proper amount – is listed on the bill of lading.

8. Leave the house as agreed upon with the new occupants of the house regarding utilities, heating etc.

9. If this is a long distance move, two or three days in advance of reaching your destination, it is advisable to telephone to the mover to check on the progress of your shipment. Bear in mind that delivery can be on or before the agreed upon delivery date.

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