VIPS Circle of Trust


I live in Willowdale, an area rich in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting, being surrounded by so much choice. By default, I tend to stick with the tried and true: establishments I frequent regularly.

One day on my way to buy sushi, I saw my usual Japanese restaurant had changed hands and was now a sports bar. Looking for parking, I turned down the side street, Byng Avenue, in order to go around the block. I noticed a very small restaurant advertising sushi. That’s how I discovered Vips Sushi. I was reminded of trips to the far east where I found tiny family-run restaurants to be some of the most rewarding.

Upon entering, I realized it is indeed tiny, just two tables for dining in. Obviously, most of their business is take-out. I was greeted warmly by Jin Song, the owner, and given plenty of time to peruse their menu. I selected the medium combination platter. He assured me was an excellent choice, since it contained sashimi, sushi, and maki, special hand rolls. While waiting, a succession of regular customers arrived to pickup orders, everyone singing VIPS’s praises.

jin song

I soon found out for myself, the sushi was even better than my now-closed regular place. On my next visit, not only did Jin remember me, he remembered what I had ordered last time. I found out Jin learned to make Sushi from his uncle, Yun Ki, in Korea. After arriving in Canada, Jin studied Culinary Management at Georgian College to learn western cooking and two years ago he opened VIPS Sushi.

VIPS Sushi allows me to share my creative outlet through food”.


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