Liberty’s Emblem

There’s a beautiful emblem
Our Nation’s true pride,
For which men fought bravely
Some suffered and died.

It has floated so proudly
To the breeze of our land,
And been cheered, “oh so loudly”
From mountain to strand.

On the seas it has carried
To the nations beyond,
Glad tidings of freedom
Nobly fought for and won.

Enemies would tear it
From home, school, and shop,
But our boys and our allies
Say, “Who comes there? Stop!”

That flag never defeated
On land or on sea,
Ever fighting for liberty
Defended shall be.

And sacred from all enemies
Of our country we love
Depending for guidance
And help from above.

May it float on forever
Twix this earth and sky,
Until sun, moon, and stars
Cease to shine from on high.

– W. John Barkel
(This poem was written by my grandfather during World War I)


Poet's son Ernest during WWI

The legacy of their sacrifice is for their children, their children’s children,
and beyond.


Photo: The poet’s son Ernest during WWI



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