MCNE Master Certified Negotiation Expert

MCNE Master Certified Negotiation Expert

 Master Certified Negotiation Expert:  What’s In It for My Clients?

In December 2014, I received my MCNE designation awarded by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, the premier negotiation designation in real estate, designed to help you achieve better results.

What does that mean for my clients?

The purchase or sale of real property can be a very complex process! Multiple parties, conflicting interests, legal documents, and many other potential issues can make your transaction very challenging (not to mention that it is likely the most expensive financial transaction of your life!). In choosing a real estate professional to help you, there is one factor above all others you should consider: how well has your real estate professional been trained in negotiations?

You (the client) set the terms and conditions you would like to achieve, and you are the final decision maker. It is up to your REALTOR® to use all of his/her skills to persuade the other side to accept your terms and conditions. So, you need to be certain your agent has the appropriate skills to effectively persuade and influence the other side. Most real estate agents have never had professional negotiation training. It is in your self-interest to ensure your agent has been properly trained to handle the complexities that may arise in your transaction.

Understanding BATNA and SUCCESS principles may make your offer to buy or the agreement to purchase your property stand out among others and win the day. BATNA stands for Best-Alternative-To-A-Negotiated-Agreement. You compare your alternatives to the possible agreement that is on the table. The first ‘S’ in SUCCESS stands for Self-Interest. Theirs, not yours. Give them a good reason, which improves their situation, to meet your terms. Then there’s ZOPA. Don’t worry if it all sounds confusing. I’ll explain it all to you later.

Of the 1.2 million or so REALTORS® in North America, only about .06% have the MCNE designation. Don’t you owe it to yourself to hire a real estate professional who has the best skills to negotiate on your behalf?