Protect Yourself Against Break-ins in Toronto. Stop thieves BEFORE they break-in.

I used to have next-door neighbours who went away for the entire summer. One day I asked them if they were worried about break-ins. Their answer surprised me.

“We have security doors. We don’t even have an alarm system.”

I found out the storm doors front and back, as well as the gates on the sliding glass doors, were from Metalex. We subsequently installed them on our house and, when we moved, Metalex was the first call I made. The doors on the side and back of the house particularly made me feel vulnerable.

They installed doors AND peace of mind at no extra charge. Metalex doors are solid steel with deadbolts and have an outside key as well as inside, so you can leave the door open for a breeze in nice weather and not have to worry about an intruder. They are also made in North America.

For extra security, they offer a SAFE-T screen made of steel that is impossible to break with a crowbar or baseball bat. Many have tried. They usually end up breaking the bat. Unfortunately, most of their business comes from people AFTER they have had a break-in. Many feel a false sense of security with an alarm system until they fall victim. Thieves know they have a certain delay until someone responds to the alarm, and the thieves are long gone by then. Metalex even has a wall safe to protect jewelry and smaller valuables, even if someone gets inside.

Be sure to let them know I referred you. Metalex is offering my clients an exclusive 10% discount.

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