banner socHave you ever remembered a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, but procrastinated and just didn’t get to the card store and buy a stamp and get it in the mail? The special day came and went, and it looked like you forgot. I know it has happened to me. More times than I care to admit. And you know what they say about best intentions.

Would it be better if you could use your computer or smart phone to pick a card and have someone else send it for you? All in a minute or two. Or, just to raise the bar a bit, how would it be if you could create a completely CUSTOM card with your own photographs or photographs of your intended recipient? Since only 3% of the mail we receive is personal, how personal would that be and just imagine how they’d feel?


You can do all that and more with Send Out Cards.  Yes, in just a few minutes, your personalized real card, not digital, will be on its way in the regular mail. Oh, and it’s cheaper than those chain greeting cards stores that all have the same card choice – about $1.50 + postage. So, for just over $2 you have either a personalized stock card or a completely custom card. It’s done for you, AND it’s on its way.

Add small gifts, like brownies or a Tim Horton’s gift card, to really make the day occasion festive are easy to attach. 

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I want to share with you a service and opportunity I discovered recently. It’s called Send Out Cards. Send Out Cards is a portal into an online greeting card store. You can choose from thousands of cards in many categories, way more than your local card store probably carries. You can also create a completely custom card with photographs of the recipient, their kids, their house, their hobbies. You are only limited by your imagination. Once you press SEND, everything else is done for you. They print it, stuff it, stamp it, and send it. You can even add cookies or brownies or other small gifts.

This sounds like a premium service, and it is. The surprising thing is that it is much, much cheaper than buying a card in a card store. Like less 50-75% cheaper. And, there is no fee, for having them send it for you.

A lot of business people use Send Out Cards to build or enhance relationships with new or existing clients and build their referral network. You can upload your own handwriting as a font and you can upload your own signature, too. You can benefit from a 100% open rate. A lot of printed material businesses send, ends up in the recycle bin. If you send someone a card personalized to them, they are gong to keep it and share it with others. You can even send campaigns of one or multiple cards through the year to a whole list of recipients. With just one transaction.

You may be surprised at the emotional responses you get from your friends and clients.

You can just be a customer and use cards to build your business, or you can show it to others and have it pay for itself and more.

I’d love the opportunity to show it to you. You will be amazed at how simple and fun it really is.


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