TEDDS picHave you ever thought about moving and were just overwhelmed with the thought of it? I had those feelings too, after 17 years in our last house. So much stuff. Where to start? Now, imagine what it would be like after 47, 57, or even 67 years in the same house! Many seniors face this very predicament. They bought the family home, raised their children, and stayed put. Their stuff accumulated and so did their children’s. Add age and physical deterioration to the mix and it’s no wonder people feel overwhelmed. For some, just coping with day-to-day activities is challenging enough, let alone downsizing and moving.

The good news is help is available. I recently met with Laurie Hunt of TEDDS – Toronto Estate Dispersal and Downsizing, a company she runs with her sister, Roberta Hunt. She outlined some of the services her company provides. TEDDS assists individuals and families in the Greater Toronto Area wishing to downsize, move or disperse estate effects and property. The downsizing could be due to the death of a family member, a senior needing an environment providing a higher level of care, divorce, or simply a lifestyle decision to live more simply, moving from a large house to a smaller condo. Contemplating and arranging such life transitions can be taxing and stressful. TEDDS can help plan, manage, and execute all of the details. In one case, Laurie and Roberta worked with a terminally ill client to disperse her estate before her death and helped plan her final arrangements.

TEDDS - TORONTO ESTATE DISPERSAL & DOWNSIZING SERVICES  Phone: 416.465.2424  Email:teddservices@gmail.com

Phone: 416.465.2424
Email:teddservices@gmail.com       Website:  tedds.ca

“It’s very personal. They’re overwhelmed. They don’t know where to begin. I sit down with them and discuss the situation. I listen to stories. I take a lot of notes. We photograph the entire house and document everything. It helps us prepare an estimate for the family. Effects can be documented and packed away in storage or we can sell off some items.

In some cases, we are able to sell antiques and other items of value, which can offset the fee for our services, sometimes by as much as 2/3. I also help them design their new space and carefully choose piecesthat will work for them in their new home. A client recently referred to us as angels as we helped him through his transition.”