March 31, 2022 |Homeowners

Decorating Baby’s Room? Start With Art

Furnishing a nursery can be daunting, expensive and stressful. You may or may not know what sex your new baby will be. Even if you know, maybe baby +1 will be the opposite sex.  So, if you were to plan a baby girl’s nursery, in a couple of years, it might not be appropriate for her baby brother. Add to that, the days of pink for girls and blue for boys, is, well let’s just say it’s less than imaginative, and leave it at that.

I was the last of three: baby brother and two older sisters. My bedroom was wallpapered with a light aqua blue background with ‘active’ kittens as I call them doing things. Doing things like pushing wheelbarrows and wielding small shovels. It must have been a subliminal garden theme. I seem to remember the kittens had small colourful scarves or ribbons around their necks. I had one or two of them that were my favourites. They all seemed to have their own personality. The aqua blue wasn’t too masculine and the kittens weren’t too feminine.  They were busy and having a good time. I spent so many wakeful minutes during my afternoon nap time, imagining the fun those kittens were having. Eventually, I got older, and at about age five, my mother painted over those ‘active’ kittens, much to my disappointment.

When I met New York artist, Lisa Zador, and saw her Curious Portraits, they immediately took me back to that nursery wallpaper and the fond memories of my childhood. She specializes in images that have a nostalgic look, reflecting her love of bygone advertising and illustration. All of her work is hand painted in gouache, watercolor, or oil in two distinct styles: One is painterly and classic, the other lively and humorous. It is also whimsical, anthropomorphic, and imaginative. They are all fun and playful.

So, when you are planning your nursery or small child’s bedroom décor, Start With Art and make it fun and playful. The colours will give you a jumping off point and you will be opening a window to your child’s imagination. Mr. Peanut brings back memories of the Atlantic City boardwalk for me. It would be a great start of a beach themed room. The Polar Bear would set the stage for a winter themed room. And bunnies are loved by children universally. You are only limited by your imagination. So many pieces of Lisa’s artwork are appropriate for both boys and girls. And all of them have rich vibrant colours.  Lisa Zador’s work is art your children will never outgrow. Of course, when I was touring her studio, I wanted them all.

So save your big money for quality furniture pieces, which will grow with baby and Start With Art.

You can find Lisa’s work at or in her Curious Portraits shop on