As a mentor, my goal is to help you grow your business and advance your skill set to better serve your clientele. With a decade’s experience selling and buying real estate in the country’s most competitive market, I tell you exactly what to expect and show you how to provide your clients with extraordinary service. I’ll help you set personal goals, plan your professional development strategy, and show you where to access tools and resources to empower you. 

Here’s why you should choose eXp:

It’s collaborative, not competitive

In a traditional brokerage environment, your coworkers are your competitors. At eXp, experienced REALTORS® are incentivized to help you grow, creating an environment of success for everyone.

You’re always supported

eXp creates and encourages a supportive community by implementing various digital tools, including Workplace from Meta (Facebook), which allows agents to communicate, share ideas, and work efficiently together. With better tools, there are better results.

Mentorship and coaching is paramount

eXp is home to thousands of experienced agents with varied backgrounds and expertise operating in 21 countries, so you have plenty of strong mentorship opportunities. Especially because you don’t need to be within the same jurisdiction as your mentor.

Be sure to carefully choose a mentor, someone who you trust and is committed to training you. Consider what kind of availability they have, what their transaction history is like, and what their up-line is like. You’ll want to select someone who will provide the particular guidance you’re looking for and prioritize your success.

Accessible helpful resources

Before coming to eXp, I was especially concerned about losing the help of my previous brokerage’s in-house marketing department, and signage supply. On my first day at eXp, my sponsor referred me to his freelance marketer, and showed me where to get signage. My new marketer is faster, better, and cheaper than the old brokerage services I was using. Whatever you need as an agent, you’ll have it at eXp.

The numbers breakdown

  • 80%/20% brokerage commission split (until $16,000 is paid, then a flat fee per transaction is levied). I saved $53,000 my first year at eXp!
  • 5% stock purchase available at 10% discount 
  • 21 countries of operation 
  • ICON status: once you reach 20 transactions after cap or $500,000 in GCI (Gross Commission Income), the $16,000 you paid to eXp is returned to you in the form of eXp stock

Interested to learn more about the brokerage? Find additional information about eXp, careers, and the mentorship program here.


John Cunningham

The best agents know how to gain the attention of other agents. Chip is one such guy. He is constantly helping other agents with their properties and marketing needs. Often times it is the agent connections that get a home exposed to the person who buys it. So if yo are thinking about selling a property in Toronto you will be instantly connected to the agent community when you hire Chip. He’s the best.

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