For many of us the garage serves as our front door. We drive into the garage (if the car has not been displaced by household castaways and unused tools and sports equipment) and disappear into the house. That means you are greeted by disorganization and chaos. Who needs that kind of stress every time you come home? The garage is probably the least likely room you would consider decorating or nominating for a makeover. Can you even find the tool you need in those disparate piles? Even if you attempt to “put something away”, where does it go? Which pile?

One of my clients decided to convert his garage from storage space to living space. It was always one of those things that was on the list, but just never gone done. He started with assessing the space his car would need, not just his current car, but the likely replacement car, since it’s time for an upgrade soon. Next came lighting. He was tired of the poor lighting provided by the garage door opener, especially since one of the two bulbs always seemed to be burned out. Two beautiful industrial pendant lights and eight pot lights were installed. He worked with a designer to plan out the storage components, workbench, shelving racks, and hanging storage that would be needed. The ceiling was painted a bright white. Next came colour choices. He wanted the floor to not only complement the garage components, but also the exterior of the house. Also, would it hide the dirt?
A combination of light and darker gray with polished industrial medal wainscoting was chosen to complement the taupe resin flooring with gray specks. The resin coating means he can easily wash away any dirt or dried salt with a hose and a squeegee.

My client was happy he finally pulled the trigger on this lifestyle upgrade: “I’m thrilled with the result. I feel like it is an investment in the house and in my ongoing enjoyment.”


When he decides to sell, I am sure this improvement will recoup his investment and ensure a faster sale.


Ten years of dreaming, a few weeks of planning, and three days of install will lead to years of enjoyment and a bespoke garage that says, ”Welcome Home”.